About us

The idea to get started with nose clips arose from the irritation of the fogged glasses when wearing a mouth mask. After trying many ways, there was not one that produced the desired effect. Then I decided to get started myself. I bought a 3D printer and soon the nose clips were a resounding success. After many positive reactions, I decided to expand my machine park. Ten printers are now running 24/7 and have produced a total of more than 6000 nose clips. 

Hopefully this way I can help even more people get rid of their fogged glasses!

Tel: 06-42806001
Mail: info@neusclips.com
The trade name of our company is: BILINGA
Our domain name is: www.neusclips.com
Our business address:
Amsteldijk south 190
1188VN Amstelveen
The Netherlands
COC: 77240502
VAT: NL003170266B35
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